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We can move lots of earth very quickly and create a yard or property you can enjoy forever.

If there’s dirt to be moved… Viper Landscaping has got you covered. We bring the professionalism and expertise that you need to get the job done right! We deliver expert excavation services to residential properties with a wide variety of skills and offerings. Whether you are looking to build a deck correctly, install a new patio or get rid of excess water on your lawn or driveway, we’ll make sure you get the job done right.
You can be sure we will tackle the job in such a way that you will not have issues down the line. We can help with sloping in your yard, landscape grading on the property or any other land leveling services that you might need. You can rely on us to bring professionalism, experience and attention to detail.

Residential Excavation Service in CT:

Viper Landscaping provides complete excavation for residential homes. Yard expansion is our most popular project, whether it be regrading of the yard, creating a patio terraced with sitting walls or creating expanded space where a new a new shed of barn can be installed.

Excess Water on Lawns and Driveways

If you have a wet area of your lawn or driveway, perhaps with standing water (ponding), your property’s drainage system may not be functioning properly. Wet areas can be the result of surface runoff, a high water table of downspout water drainage problems.

Viper Landscaping can offer a comprehensive approach to management of wet and flooded areas on your property. We will recommend the most cost-effective solution that will eliminate the flooding problems, such as:
• Simple repairs to your existing drainage system
• Yard drains
• Site grading
Believe it or not, those rain gutters that you try so hard to maintain may be contributing to the problem. We’ll help you with gutter cleanout and possible gutter extensions.

Poor re-drainage or redirecting waterflow …We Can Do It!